5 Tips To Prep For Your Senior Session {Holly Springs/Raleigh/Durham/Triangle Area Photographer}

1. Pamper yourself!

Planning for your shoot can be stressful enough, let alone getting yourself ready. There’s choosing a location, figuring out what to wear, practicing your best faces in the mirror….you know you do! Save yourself a couple of tasks and schedule professional hair and makeup. It makes a world of difference in the end result of your pictures! Guys, this goes for you as well! Don’t forget your hair. I wouldn’t suggest getting a haircut any sooner than 2 weeks before your shoot so it looks more natural, not to mention it’ll give it time to grow if you happen to get a bad one! They say the difference between a good and bad haircut is two weeks! I know some of you girls can kill it with a curling wand and a contour kit, so if that’s you, all the power to ya, DIY! I wish I had YouTube teaching me “how to” when I was in high school! I had to figure it all out on my own and trust me, I have a world of regret in the fashion department.
2. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!
While we’re still on the subject, now’s not the time to make drastic style changes. Whether it’s your hair, makeup, or clothing, stay true to you. No pressure, but these will probably be the last pictures your parents, aunts, uncles and grandmas will hang on the wall of you until you get married. Make sure you look like you and experiment with your style later!
It’s usually a good idea to wear a dressy outfit and change into a casual one a little while into the shoot. At that point, you’ll be ready to be more comfortable and you’ll get more variety out of your pictures when you switch up your clothing this way. “Dressy” will vary from person to person, so again I tell you, stay true to yourself. I’ll send you a style guide to help you out when we book your session!
You can only go wrong accessorizing in two ways: either you have too many accessories, or not enough! If you decide on a bold necklace, wear smaller earrings. Choose a couple of accessories like a jacket, hat or a scarf. Or bring them all, just don’t wear too many of them together! These are easy things to switch out. Like I said, variety! If you’re a guy, think watch, belt, bow tie, and/or jacket.
Don’t forget about your hobbies! Do you play an instrument, or a sport? Are you a bookworm, or an artist? Bring something to represent this part of your life. You’ll be glad you have these memories and we can get creative with it!  Senior year goes by way too fast so while you look at your freeeeeedom! future ahead, appreciate every moment along the way. This is such a special time in your life, and I’m beyond excited to capture it with you! Just relax, be yourself and let me take care of the rest!


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