A day in the life...

Winter in the south {A Small Glimpse About Me}

*First Published Feb 1, 2017*

If you asked me why I left NY, it would usually go something like this, “it’s cold, gray, and snowy almost half the year.  Even when it starts warming up, there’s still patches of dirty snow in the yard and on the sides of the road. Going to the store is an ordeal. The bottom of your pants are wet, your shoes are dirty, your car rusts out from the salt…It’s gray all the time, did I mention that it’s gray? The sky, the buildings, everything. It’s just depressing.”

…But I didn’t always feel that way.  When I was a little kid, I remember being so excited when it would snow for the first time. I couldn’t WAIT to get out there with my greased up flying saucer, or if we didn’t have a sled we would use trash bags. Just stick your legs through and tie it around your shoulders. Good to go. Run, dive, fly down the hill! Sometimes my face would be so cold, I thought it might freeze off, so I’d dig a hole in the snow and stick my head in to get out of the wind! That’s problem solving right there! lol All of my siblings and cousins would get together every chance we got, to go sledding down behind my grandparents farm. The old cow pasture was the perfect sledding spot. There was a main hill, then we made several other trails off of that. One hill was a steep drop, and the boys decided to build a jump toward the middle and at the end was a creek.  We named that one ‘daredevil drop’. It was scary, but it was AWESOME.  It’s amazing we never broke anything, or ended up in that creek.  It’s actually pretty amazing we didn’t kill ourselves out there at some point.  We’d stay outside all day long, drink fresh creek water, and go home when it got dark and, of course to eat dinner.

Those were the days…then I got older and actually had responsibilities. That’s when winter changed for me. It became a hassle to go anywhere, and when I got to where I was going, I’d have white knuckles from gripping that steering wheel through all the snow drifts and black ice on the road. Living in NC, I can appreciate winter again.  It gets cold enough so I feel like we had a change of season, and every now and then I find myself wishing for snow…and ONLY because theres a pretty good chance it will melt away in a few days.  Winter is different here. Just at the threat of snow, everything closes and there’s a mad rush to the store for bread, milk, and eggs as if we will be trapped inside forever. Just a couple of weeks ago we had a light dusting, and it was 60 by the end of the week. As much as I didn’t want to be cold, I made myself go out one morning and get a shot of it because it looked so magical.  My dogs go crazy in the snow, running all over the place…I think the cold weather makes them frisky! Archie would not stay outside long enough to let me take his picture, but Jefferson stuck around for a minute. That was pretty much it for winter this year. It’s February 1st, and it’s 68, sunny, absolutely gorgeous outside, and it does wonders for my soul! I’m definitely not cut out for NY winters anymore, but I still do love to see that sparkly white wonderland every once and again.

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